Video of Ancient Textual Imaging Group activities at Brigham Young University.

Professor Allen J. Christenson discusses how the the Maya of Santiago Atitlán believe themselves to occupy the center of the world.

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Professor Greg Stallings' Fall 2010 Spanish 448R/648R course "Spanish Poetry of the Twentieth Century."

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Professor Travis Anderson's fifth annual Late Summer Honors course Illuminating Your Life takes illustrated journaling in a unique direction.

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Professor Kristin Matthews' Fall 2010 English 495 Senior Seminar, "African American Literature and the Politics of 'Home.'"

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Dr. Snyder's Literatures and Cultures of the American West class takes students out of the pages of their textbooks and novels and into the landscapes and cultures that make up the West.

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The evidence for the marketability of humanities skills is abundant.

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  • Lighting the Windows of Antiquity

  • Balancing the Cosmos

  • Greg Stallings: Classroom Convergence

  • Illustrated Journaling

  • Kristen Matthews, Teacher and Student in the Humanities

  • Literatures and Cultures of the American West

  • Humanities Internships

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IC Lecture: The Kid with a Bike
The Kid with a Bike

When the Belgian filmmakers, the Dardenne Brothers, released their latest film, Le Gamin au Vélo, known in English as The Kid with a Bike, they hailed it as their modern day fairytale.

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IC Lecture: Rosso Come il Cielo
Rosso Come il Cielo

Based on the life of Mirco Mencacci, one of the most famous and talented sound editors in the Italian film industry, Rosso Come il Cielo tells the story of Mirco’s struggle to cope with his blindness which was caused by an accident with an old rifle when he was 10 years old, although in Mencacci’s real life this accident took place when he has four years old.

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