The evidence for the marketability of humanities skills is abundant.

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Professor Kristin Matthews' Fall 2010 English 495 Senior Seminar, "African American Literature and the Politics of 'Home.'"

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Professor Greg Stallings' Fall 2010 Spanish 448R/648R course "Spanish Poetry of the Twentieth Century."

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Dr. Snyder's Literatures and Cultures of the American West class takes students out of the pages of their textbooks and novels and into the landscapes and cultures that make up the West.

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Professor Travis Anderson's fifth annual Late Summer Honors course Illuminating Your Life takes illustrated journaling in a unique direction.

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Professor Allen J. Christenson discusses how the the Maya of Santiago Atitlán believe themselves to occupy the center of the world.

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Video of Ancient Textual Imaging Group activities at Brigham Young University.

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  • Greg Stallings: Classroom Convergence

  • Literatures and Cultures of the American West

  • Illustrated Journaling

  • Balancing the Cosmos

  • Lighting the Windows of Antiquity

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American Studies to The Color Run CEO

BYU grad uses his humanities-honed skills as CEO to direct The Color Run.

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Literary Criticism with Spanish Lenses
Material Spirit book cover

BYU Spanish professor Greg Stallings does more than study and teach Spanish literature and culture; he also has an interest in critical theory as it relates to the paradoxes of combining jazz music and noir subjectivity.

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