Equipment Request Form

As you fill out this request for equipment funds, please remember that the college will replace your main computer or access device every four years with university money (See the Computers and Equipment Policy at If you would like to find out when your current access device will be replaced, contact the college IT manager.

This form should be used for requesting any additional equipment, such as printers, laptops, tablets and cameras from any funding source. If you are requesting equipment that will be purchased from your research account, the college controller will verify available funds in your account before approval is given. Account balances are sent out regularly via email.

All equipment requests will be approved by the college and purchased by the IT manager.


Equipment Request

  • Faculty/Staff Details

  • Equipment Details

  • If you are asking your department to pay for equipment, choose Department--your department. This requires department chair approval and he/she will be notified. If you want the money to come out of multiple accounts, choose "Combination of Accounts."
  • Explain why you are asking for this equipment and any additional details (including web links) or specifications you require.