The evidence for the marketability of humanities skills is abundant, but the pathway to a first job requires diligent preparation, sound advising, and a clear strategy. Our disciplines are not only excellent preparation for teaching, editing and professional school (law, medicine, library science, MBA, MPA, etc.), but can also lead to excellent jobs in government agencies, NGO's, and high profile companies. In our globalized marketplace, many recruiters are turning directly to humanities majors for their foreign-language and intercultural expertise, their leadership abilities, communication skills and above all for their intellectual flexibility and creativity. In a rapidly changing world it is important to gain a broad education that will be applicable in a multitude of contexts and over a lifetime.

For students wishing to land a job right after the BA degree, it is crucial to have a plan for developing a skill-set that will be identifiable and attractive to employers. Humanities+™ experiences will help you achieve this goal.

Additional information on Humanities+™ can be found in our College of Humanities Advisement Center (1175 JFSB, 801.422.4789) and at the Humanities+™ blog: