Humanities alumni are dedicated to the world around them. The skills they developed as humanities students allow them to excel in various fields, ranging from business to diplomacy to teaching. Alumni’s passion for the humanities continues long after their graduation and can be seen in the way they interact with the people and places they come across.

“To me, [the Humanities] give you one of the broadest and most important foundations that you can have in a higher education. Having a foundation in the liberal arts, especially the humanities—and being steeped in history and art and culture and critical thinking—prepares you, if not specifically for any one things, it prepares you for almost anything.”

Brigham Taylor BA ‘92

“I believe that my humanities education has been very important in helping me build the kingdom of God. I think that because I have wanted to try to live my life as the Lord desires me to that I have been blessed in many, many ways.”
Timothy Stratford