Celebrating 50 Years in the Human Conversation

The College of Humanities hosted a grand opening of its new exhibit for faculty, students and alumni, “50 Years of Fluency in the Human Conversation.”

PROVO, Utah (September 30, 2015)—In 1965 the College of Humanities opened its doors and began a tradition of preparing students to take part in what former dean John Rosenberg called “the human conversation.” For 50 years the college has produced men and women ready to go forth and serve, whether it be through business, research, non-profit work or any of a wide variety of fields.

In celebration of its golden jubilee the College of Humanities has opened “50 Years of Fluency in the Human Conversation,” a new exhibit in the Education in Zion Gallery. The exhibit gives a history of the college and features interactive elements, where visitors can learn about the career paths taken by humanities alumni and submit their own stories.

The college hosted a special event to mark the exhibit’s grand opening, pooling the talents of students, faculty and alumni. The night featured performances by the Russian, German, French, Icelandic and American Sign Language choirs; soloists (including a Chinese bamboo flautist); and a faculty jazz band, as well as a special number composed by Newel Brown, composer of the LDS hymns I Hope They Call Me on a Mission and With Songs of Praise. Over 800 visitors attended, taking the opportunity to tour the exhibit, have their photos taken for an upcoming alumni mosaic and eat international cuisine. One student, while passing through the exhibit, remarked, “See, this is why it rocks to be a humanities student: we know how to do it right!”

Speaking at the event, Dean Scott Miller said, “Whatever your major, past, present or future, you are human at your core, and the humanities disciplines help you come to appreciate both the human and the divine in all of us.” He concluded his remarks with an invitation: “Please enjoy the exhibit and learn more about the humanities and how a humanities education at BYU does, indeed, make the world our campus.”

The exhibit will continue to run through November 2016, with open attendance Family Home Evening events taking place throughout the year. For more information, visit the Humanities Anniversary and Education in Zion Gallery websites.

—Samuel Wright (B.A. American Studies ’16)

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Samuel covers events for the College of Humanities. He is a junior pursuing a degree in American studies with a minor in editing.