Cultural Studies Courses

Online Resources

Virtual Tours

Consider virtual tours, concerts, exhibits (see this YouTube tour of the Louvre, for example

Compare and Contrast Current Events

Encourage students to compare and contrast coverage of current events in the USA and the target culture before class, then discuss in class (using the think-pair-share model)

Use Project Based Approach

Use a project based approach (, requiring students to do research on their own or in small groups and then to give a presentation, write a newspaper article, produce a film, create a website, etc. that builds on their research and accomplishes a course learning outcome.

Problem Solving

Invite students to study and propose localized solutions to contemporary problems in the target country or culture. (Here is an example of cultural problems via Stanford that has a decidedly PoliSci focus, but similar projects could be created for our courses:

Business Case Studies

If it makes sense for your course, you could have students work through a case study of a company in the target culture. Harvard Business Publishing ( features businesses from all over the world and these can provide an interesting window into the foreign culture. The bookstore can help you acquire these for your classes. You may also invite your students to use Hofstede’s cultural dimensions ( to help them analyze the cultural differences embedded in foreign businesses.