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  • Department Website Request

    Click here to officially request a new department website.

  • WordPress User Guide

    Click here to be directed to a PDF version of a WordPress user guide created just for department websites (April 2016 version)

  • WordPress Training Videos

    Click here to view WordPress training videos for department sites.

  • Sample Content Inventory

    Click here for a sample content inventory.

  • Image Resources

    Click here for resources for finding images to use on department sites.

  • Porting Guidelines

    Click here for information on porting content to a new site

  • Accessibility Guidelines

    Find the Accessibility presentation here.

  • SEO Basics

    A beginner’s guide to search engine optimization.

  • Updating Faculty & Staff Website Directory Profiles

    Instructions for adding, removing, and editing faculty and staff profiles.

  • Web Analytics

    Track how many people are visiting your site with web analytics!

  • Media Printing Guide

    How to print posters, flyers, and handouts for events.