Donation Instructions for United Way: Friends of Scouting

How BYU Deductions are Handled

1. Sign and submit a BYU United Way Pledge Card each year, authorizing BYU to deduct an amount (e.g.$5/ month) to go to an optional designated agency: e.g. Friends of Scouting, Scout district/Ward/Stake (e.g. Bridal Veils Falls District, Utah National Parks Council, Windsor 3rd Ward, Windsor Stake). The card is mailed to United Way, 252 HC.

2. Julie Hatchett at 2-5789 (BYU Campus United Way) sends a letter to Boy Scouts of America, Utah Parks Council, with a list of donors, how it is paid, and the designation. The Boy Scout Council says on their honor it will be credited to the appropriate account. Susan Juber, Finance Department, Orem Office. 437-4409, is the recipient of the letter.

3. When ward scout leaders come around to your house during Friends of Scouting, you may take a white card and write the amount of the pledge, noting United Way, BYU. The ward counts it as a pledge. Then the card comes to the Council office, the Council office counts it as a pledge and gives your ward (e.g. Windsor 3rd Ward) credit. It’s considered an outstanding pledge until BYU sends the money (they send it twice a year even though my deduction is monthly). The ward gets credit for that pledge whether BYU sends the money or not (i.e. whether I follow through and pay or not, because there is a fund for such situations). The Council has the money that I have pledged to the ward (e.g. Windsor 3rd Ward).