Humanities Center Fellowship

The Humanities Center awards long-term (2-to-5-year) fellowships are awarded to faculty whose record of scholarship is exemplary in their fields. In addition, two one-year fellowships are awarded each year to assist faculty in completing significant, substantive projects.

Previous Winners (Long Term):

2012 Frank Christianson         2012 Wendy Baker Smemoe         2012 Tony Brown                               2012 Anca Sprenger                       2012 Janis Nuckolls

2012 Dale Pratt                          2012 Matt Wickman                       2013 Mark Davies                              2014 Brian Roberts                         2014 Blair Bateman

2015 Heather Jensen                2015 Mark Davies                           2015 Rob McFarland


Previous Winners (Short Term):

2013 Robert Bullough              2013 Marc Olivier                            2013 Dan Dewey                                2014 Laura Catharine Smith         2014 Kerry Soper

2014 Donna Lee Bowen           2015 Dee Gardner                            2015 Jill Rudy

2016 Doug Weatherford          2016 Charlotte Stanford