Ahmad Karout

Visiting for Arabic Flagship, Asian & Near Eastern Languages

3059 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

My philosophy of education is that all learners can be able to have a stimulating educational, interactive, communicative, and engaging environment where all of them can be the center of all activities in the classroom. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential and achieve their goals. – I believe that, over time, my educational philosophy will change, and I believe that it is a logical consequence in a world where all sciences are developing.


Language pedagogy and my focus is in particular on the theories and practices of Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL).

Selected Publications

Five Arabic-language textbooks:

  • Eddenieh Hayk (That is life) (Audio book- Syrian Dialect- Levantine Arabic)
  • Keel Yom Hayk (Every day is like this) (Audio book- Syrian Dialect- Levantine Arabic)
  • Eddenieh Doolaab (The wheel turns) (Audio book- Syrian Dialect- Levantine Arabic)
  • Talk like me (Audio book- Syrian Dialect- Levantine Arabic)
  • Connectors in the Arabic Language

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