Anca Sprenger

Anca Sprenger

Professor , French & Italian

3119 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae


Commonly Taught Courses

Fren 340–Introduction to Literary Analysis Fren 452R–Studies in Period, Movement, and Theme Fren 453R–Studies in Genre Rom 340–Introduction to Romanian Literature and Culture


Selected Publications Book -Eugène Ionesco. Bibliographie., Anca Mitroi, Scott Sprenger, Brant Steward, Editura Universitatii Bucuresti, Bucharest, Romania, July 2008 Articles -“Interview with Romanian filmmaker Adrian Sitaru”, Point of View, A Danish Journal of Film Studies., Volume 25, Issue March 2008, pages 93-99, March, 2008 -“Verne’s Cartographic Omissions”, Stories of the Earth, Rodopi, Amsterdam, December, 2008 -“Arranging the Meal by Jean-Louis Flandrin.”, Nineteenth Century French Studies, 2008., Anca Mitroi Sprenger, November, 2008 -“‘The Kiss in History’, Karen Harvey (ed.), review article.”, Lingua Romana, Anca Mitroi, Volume 4, Issue 2007, October, 2007 -“Les voix chaudes du Grand Nord dans l’oeuvre de Gabrielle Roy”, Vol. 18, 2006 (printed in 2007), Cahiers Franco-Canadiens de l’Ouest., Anca Mitroi, Volume 18, Issue 2006 (printed in 2007), Pages 31-43, October, 2007 -“Krysztof Kieslowski’s White and Eastern European Otherness”, Connections, Vol. III, 2007, Anca Mitroi, Volume III, Issue 2007, Pages 65-71, October 2007 -“Apollinaire, le passé et la passion des mots”, Dalhousie French Studies, Volume 80, 2007, Anca Mitroi, Volume 80, Issue 2007, Pages 83-95, October, 2007 -“Waves. An Interview with Adrian Sitaru.”, Point of View. A Danish Journal of Film Studies., Anca Mitroi, Volume 1, Issue 25, Pages 93-99, March, 2007 -“Watching TV in the Dark: on ‘The Tube with a Hat'”, Point of View. A Danish Journal of Film Studies., Anca Mitroi, Volume 1, Issue 25, Pages 74-79, March, 2007 -“Deux hommes et une télé”, Lingua Romana, Anca Mitroi, December, 2006 -“Eugène Ionesco: Français ou Francophone?”, Ca(h)ie(r)t Ionesco, Anca Mitroi, Volume III, Pages 23-28, February, 2005 -“Orphées, exils et enfers,” Ca(h)ie(r)t Ionesco, Anca Mitroi, Volume IV, December, 2005 -“Etranges amours de Jules Verne,” Jules Verne dans les Carpathes, Anca Mitroi, Volume Jules Verne dans les Carpathes, Pages 162-168, December, 2005


BA, French Literature, U of Bucharest, Romania, 1984

DEA, French Literature, U of Paris, France, 1991

PHD, French Literature, U of Southern California, 1997


French Literature, especially the persistence of the discourse of the sacred in modern literary texts. Dr. Sprenger examines the impact of secularization and loss of the “Ancien Régime” values on the 19th century French society. She analyzes the way in which sacred gestures, spiritual discourses are recuperated and encoded in modern French literature.