Anca Sprenger

Professor , French & Italian

3119 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

I think all students can make progress if we help them, and that students can learn from their mistakes. I have enjoyed teaching at BYU because most of the students are very motivated, hardworking, and mature. I am happy when my teaching goes beyond language skills or cultural information, and helps the students with their general academic progress, their career choices, or even understanding other people, other cultures.


I’ve been interested in aspects of national and personal identity in literature and film (Romanian or French), and more recently with a focus on the contemporary Romanian cinema. I’ve been working on fantastic literature (mostly 19th century French but also 20th century Romanian), on 20th century poetry and also on the difficulties of literary translation.

Selected Publications

  • “La Liste sous la dictature: archéologie d’un monde disparu” Formes poétiques contemporaines, 15, Presses Universitaires de Liège, 2020, 66-78.
  • “No Harm Done. A Conversation With Donald Revell”An interview co-authored with Abraham Smith and Ben Favero. The Contemporary West, Fall 2020, Vol. 37, Number 3, 137-146.
  •  “Romanian New Cinema: Representing National Identities in a Global World”, Universitatea Vasile Alecsandri, Interstudia, 2014, 15(1), 13-21.
  • “Europe de l’Est: frontières fantastiques, frontières géographiques”, (Preface), Le fantastique de l’Est: dictatures imaginaires et politiques, Otrante, 36, 2014, 7-
  • “Gabrielle Roy, Orphée et les frontières intérieures”, Le Froid et le Chaud ou Les glaces d’Haïti. Amiens, Editions Encrage, 2012, 33-49


I think through service we have the unique opportunity to mentor and help students with research projects (like Orca), and with their academic progress. In the past, I have greatly enjoyed helping our students get into reputable PhD programs or careers and recently I mentored students who were doing research. I have given presentations for the International Cinema. I have also been on the Annual Review Committee, which allows me to learn more about my colleagues’s work.

Citizenship assignments

  • 2020: Annual Review Committee
  • 2016-2020: FAC member
  • 2019: Orca project mentor
  • 2015: Study Abroad Program Director
  • 1997-present: Romanian Club advisor