Anna-Lisa Halling

Assistant Professor of Portuguese, Spanish & Portuguese

3161 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

I bring my own research into the classroom so that it can inform and shape student learning. This allows me to demonstrate to the students how I participate in the larger scholarly discussion occurring in a world-wide academic community through publications and participation in conferences. The core of my teaching philosophy is a meaningful connection with my students. In this way, I can facilitate both the spiritual and intellectual education of my students.


I research early modern Iberian drama, poetry, and prose written within the convent that reveal how women of that time period simultaneously promoted their religious beliefs and affirmed the importance of their position as nuns within the Catholic Church. I work in this field because I believe deeply in the potential of women and I seek to understand how early modern women in religious settings employed their talents and abilities to serve their community both inside and outside of the convent. I examine issues of gender, space, and genre in my research. One of the great joys of my research is helping bring to light previously unknown or understudied texts.

Selected Publications

“Communal Space and Collaborative Writing: Villancicos in Lisbon’s Convent of Santa Clara.” Forthcoming in Escritoras Ibéricas.

“Soror Maria do Céu’s Virgin Mary and the Male Gaze.” Via Spiritus 26 (2019): 165-83.

“The Shrew and the Shrewd: Machado de Assis’s Lição de botânica.” Machado de Assis em linha 12.26 (2019): 77-89.

“Upending Hegemonic Masculinity in Soror Maria do Céu’s Clavel, y Rosa.” Journal of Lusophone Studies 3.1 (2018): 50-69.

“Space, Performance, and Subversion in Sóror Violante do Céu’s Villancicos.” Comedia Performance 14:1 (2017): 71-105.

“El gran prodigio de España: Joanna Theodora de Souza’s Performative Convent Comedia.” Forthcoming in Cosmic Wit: Essays in Honor of Edward H. Friedman, edited by Cory Duclos, Martha García, and Vicente Pérez de León. Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs.


I strongly believe that selfless service should be at the core of what we do as part of a university community. It stems from the Christian principles and practices we value as members of the church, and it makes us better colleagues, instructors, and mentors. Service supports the aims of the university and it provides opportunities to continue learning and ministering to others in order to support my department and college, as well as the university and the academic community at large.

Citizenship assignments

2017-present. Copy Editor. e-Journal of Portuguese History. Brown University.

2014-2019. Managing Editor. Spanish and Portuguese Review. American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP).

2019. Co-organizer with Matt Hill. “Jorge de Sena at 100: A Symposium in Celebration of his Life and Works.”

2018-present. Coordinator. Global Women’s Studies Internships.

2017-present. Committee member. European Studies Executive Committee.

2018-present. Organizer and Facilitator. Department of Spanish and Portuguese Mothers in Academia Group.

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