Blair Earl Bateman

Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

3157 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

I consider myself a teacher of teachers. My area of specialty is second languages and cultures education, and as such, I teach methods courses for language teachers at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I also supervise 100- and 200-level Portuguese courses and train the student instructors who teach those courses. Having served a mission in Brazil, I love the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture and have taught courses in both of those areas.


My research interests have varied according to my assignments. Areas in which I have published include the design of Portuguese courses and the teaching of Portuguese to Spanish speakers; dual language immersion education; and language awareness among returned missionaries. I find myself drawn to interpretive research paradigms that afford an understanding of how people make sense of their life experiences; thus, most of my research is qualitative in nature or employs mixed methods.

Selected Publications

  •  Bateman, B., Mattos, M., Brasileiro, M., & Knapp, N. (2020). Perspectivas: Português para falantes de espanhol (2nd ed.). Brigham Young University Academic Publishing. [456 pages, plus online Canvas course with 270 self-correcting practice activities and 11 thematic chapter videos] Website:
  • Bateman, B., Child, M., & Bueno, E. B. (2020). A focus on language in the immersion language arts curriculum: Insights from a fourth-grade Portuguese classroom. Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education, 8(2), 200-229.
  •  Bateman, B. (2017). Teaching Portuguese to Spanish speakers. In M. Millerett & M. Risner (Eds.), A handbook for Portuguese instructors in the U.S. (pp. 195-213). Roosevelt, NJ: Boavista Press.
  • Bateman, B. (2017). Planning a Portuguese course. In M. Milleret & M. Risner (Eds.), A handbook for Portuguese instructors in the U.S. (pp. 96-115). Roosevelt, NJ: Boavista Press.
  •  Taylor, J. S., & Bateman, B. (2012). Fundamentals of language teaching: What every Spanish teacher needs to know (revised ed.). Morrisville, NC: [Self-published textbook, 460 pages]
  •  Bateman, B., & Lago, B. (2011). Methods of language teaching (2nd ed.) [Instructional DVD]. London, UK: Routledge. Available at Reviewed by: Moghtadi, A. (2012). The Linguist List, 23.3613. Review available at
  •  Bateman, B. E. (2004). Achieving affective and behavioral outcomes in culture learning: The case for ethnographic interviews. Foreign Language Annals, 37, 240-253.


Some of my most enjoyable service assignments have involved working directly with students. I have served on the thesis committees of over 50 M.A. students, and have trained and supervised over 100 student instructors. I have also served in various capacities in the department, college, and university, as well as in the language teaching profession, some of which are listed below.

Citizenship assignments

  • Associate Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  •  Chair, Department Curriculum and Assessment Committee
  •  Section Head, Spanish and Portuguese Pedagogy Section
  •  Member, Department Executive Committee
  •  Program Coordinator, Dual Language Immersion K-12 Teaching minor
  •  Member, BYU Faculty Advisory Council
  •  Co-chair, BYU Secondary Education Committee
  •  President, Utah Foreign Language Association
  •  Curriculum Development Coordinator, Utah Portuguese Dual Language Immersion Bridge Program
  •  Director of Test Development, National Portuguese Exams, American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

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