Celine Rose

French & Italian

3115 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

Research Areas:

Teaching Experience

My approach to teaching has been influenced by my experiences as a foreign language learner and a researcher of second language acquisition. My classes are student-centered with an emphasis on authentic experiences. Whether students are interacting with authentic texts or approximating the classroom experience as they prepare their own lessons, I strive to equip students with the skills they will need both in and out of the classroom.


I explore oral proficiency gains in upper-division literary-cultural courses through learner–learner interactions and in lower-division courses through the scaffolding technique of pre-speaking.

Selected Publications

Rose, C. G., & Liskin-Gasparro, J. E., (2019). Speaking at the advanced level: Practical approaches to integrating language with literary¬–cultural content. In A. Carrillo Cabello, K. Paesani, & D. Soneson (Eds.), Developing advanced speaking proficiency: Instructional and curricular models for post-secondary language programs (pp. 11¬–33). (CARLA Working Paper Series). Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition.


I coordinate the French Teaching major and value working individually with each student until they finish their student teaching. I also enjoy supervising the Student Instructors and serving on the SLaT Advisory Committee.

Citizenship assignments

French 101-201 Coordinator & Student Instructor Supervisor
French Educator Preparation Program Coordinator & Teaching Undergraduate Advisor
College EPP Committee
SLaT Advisory Committee