Charles Oughton

Comparative Arts & Letters

3008 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

I teach courses in Greek and Latin at all levels, as well as courses in Classical Civilization and Ancient History. In the language classroom, I frequently employ comparative historical linguistics to help students better understand inflectional morphology and to increase their skills in form recognition. My Beginning Greek students have generally performed well on the College Greek Exam and they include one Phinney Prize award winner (2020).


My research focuses on Ancient Historiography and Biography, especially the reception of the Greek historiographic tradition in Rome. My work makes use of the theoretical approaches in narratology, intertextuality, and reception. I have projects forthcoming or in preparation that examine Livy, Plutarch, Polybius, and Nepos, as well as the broader development of Roman historiography.

Selected Publications

  •  (Forthcoming) “What about the Gold-Digging Ants? The Silences and Irony of Plutarch’s de Herodoti Malignitate” in Beneker, Cooper, Humble, and Titchener, edd., Plutarch’s Unexpected Silences (Chapter accepted by volume editors; expected 2022).
    (Forthcoming) “Roman Heroes at Helm’s Deep? Livy, Macaulay, and Tolkien on the Horatius Cocles Episode” for Paprocki and Matz, edd., Classical Reception in Tolkien, a special edition of Thersites. (Chapter accepted by volume editors; expected 2022)


My citizenship to date has focused on external responsibilities within the state, as I am currently serving as the President-Elect of the Utah Classical Association (to be president 2021-2022). As President-Elect, I have assisted the UCA Presidency in reorganizing our bylaws and financials in an effort to create funding opportunities for teachers and students in need. In general, the UCA fosters a welcoming community to Classicists and students of the Classics across the state.

Citizenship assignments

President-Elect, Utah Classical Association (to be president 2021-2022)