Charlotte Alighieria Stanford

Charlotte Alighieria Stanford

Associate Teaching Professor , Comparative Arts & Letters

3038 JFSB



10-10:50 MW
B 092 JFSB
IHUM 280R/ WS 390R/ ENGL 396
4-5:15 MW
2112 JKB
Commonly Taught Courses
IHUM 201 (western civilization from prehistory to 1500) IHUM 202 (western civilization from 1500 to the present day) IHUM 490R, seminars (topics vary: Gothic & Gothic Revival, Commemorating the Dead, The Fourteenth Century)

CV Stanford 2016


Charlotte Stanford has taught at BYU since 2003. She has been interested in the arts since the age of three, when her parents took her on a family sabbatical to Europe. After completing an undergraduate degree in Humanities at BYU,  a master’s in Medieval Studies at the University of Connecticut and a doctorate in art history at the Pennsylvania State University, she has made regular research trips to Europe. In addition to archival material, these studies center on medieval buildings, notably cathedrals, parish churches and hospitals. Dr. Stanford has participated in two NEH summer programs in England (in York, 2007 and London, 2012) and is an avid photographer of medieval sites as well as landscapes. She has published a book with Ashgate Press, entitled Commemorating the Dead in Late Medieval Strasbourg (2011) and is currently working on a second book project focused on the early Tudor foundation of the Savoy Hospital in London. She lives in Provo, Utah.


PhD, Pennsylvania State University (Art History),2003
MA, University of Connecticut (Medieval Studies),1997
BA, Brigham Young University (Latin and Humanities with Honors),1993

Gothic architecture and medieval devotional practices.