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Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

The art and beauty in my teaching is that element of personal magic no one can duplicate and which is difficult to push into a philosophy. Do I use concrete practices? Of course. I don’t just shoot from the hip. I mix the concrete with whatever inspiration I get when I walk into a particular classroom with twenty particular students and share what I know about novels and what I do as a novelist, in a fresh presentation packaged just for them.


I write novels, read novels, and read about writing novels. I have created a public blog devoted to helping students and others write their novels ( I write non-fiction essays as well, mostly lyric essays, so I spend time reading non-fiction theory and lyric essays published by experts in the field. I’m also a student of memoir, which I also write.


I’ve taught writing and literature courses for the BYU honors program and English creative writing program now for almost thirty yea. In 2011, I created Insight Magazine and taught the class that supported it for ten years. In 2005 I received the distinction of BYU Honors Professor of the Year, a great honor to me (pardon the pun) because the recipient is nominated by students. At the university, teaching and creating opportunities for student learning is my greatest accomplishment.

Citizenship assignments

  • Chair, Honors 200 Writing Contest, Brigham Young University, January 1996, September 1996, January 1997, Fall 1998, Winter 1998
  • Presenter, Association of Mormon Letters Conference, January 1995
  • Presenter, SCBWI Conference, October 1995
  • Presenter, SCBWI Conference, May 1999
  • Committee Member/Presenter, Association of Mormon Letters Writing Conference, November 1999
  • Presenter, National Collegiate Honors Conference, October 2000
  • Presenter, National Writing Labs Association Conference, November 2000
  • Committee Member, BYU Freshman Academy Steering Committee, September 2005-2007
  • Co-organizer and Faculty, Annual Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop, June 2003 to 2010.
  • Faculty, Annual Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop, June 2012, June 2014, June 2015.
  • Faculty and Organizer, Utah Agent Retreat, February 2014, 2017, 2018

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