Chris L. Rogers

Assistant Professor, Linguistics

4047 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

The division between teaching and research is arbitrary. I teach because I research and vice versa. I teach at BYU because of the students.


I document, describe and preserve the world’s linguistic diversity. My specialties are typology, historical linguistics, morphosyntax, phonology, and language description.

Selected Publications

2020. Language Snapshot: Iñapari. Language Documentation and Description.
2020. La traducción en xinka de la ‘Proclama a los habitantes de Ultramar de 1812’. Tlalocan vol XXV, 215-286.
2020. Vowel harmony in Xinkan, Jicaquean and Lencan. Studies in Language, vol. 44, (2), 327-362. (with Barrett Hamp)
2019. Xinkan vowel harmony revisited, Journal of Anthropological Linguistics, 60 (4) pp. 320-345.
2019. A review of the Afro-Asiatic: Uto-Aztecan proposal. Journal of Book of Mormon Studies.
2018. Person-marking in Máku, Linguistic Discovery, accepted March 20, 2018.
2017. Reconstituting Xinkan: Translating a marginalized culture on the brink of extinction. Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. June 2017.
2017. A bibliography on endangered languages. Oxford Bibliographies Online. (with Lyle Campbell).
2015. Endangered Languages in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia in Linguistics (invited article with Lyle Campbell).
2014. Xinkan Verb Categorization: Morphosyntactic Marking on Intransitive Verbs. International Journal of American Linguistics, 80 (3) pp. 371-398.
2012. Book Review. Language Contact: New Perspectives ed. by Muriel Norde, Bob de Jonge and Cornelius Hasselblatt. Journal of Historical Linguistics.
2016. Indigenous authenticity as a goal of language documentation and revitalization: addressing the motivations in the Xinkan community. In Latin American contexts of language documentation and revitalization, ed. by Gabriela Pérez Báez, Chris Rogers, and Jorge Emilio Rosas.
2009. Continental United States and Alaska. Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger of Disappearing, Second Edition. Christopher Mosely, ed. Paris, France: UNESCO (with Naomi Fox and Lyle Campbell).
2020. Máku: A Comprehensive grammar. Routledge, New York and London.
2016. The Use and Development of the Xinkan Languages. University of Texas Press: Austin. (262 pages)
2016. Latin American contexts of language documentation and revitalization. de Gruyter Mouton. (with Gabriela Perez-Baez and Jorge Emilio Rosas) (371 pages)


My committee assignments and student mentoring focus on improving understanding and skills.

Citizenship assignments

GSS advisor
Graduate Ling MA Assessment
Undergraduate Ling BA Assessment