Christopher Flood

Associate Professor , French & Italian

3134-C JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

I view teaching as a craft and a science. My methods are grounded in tradition, but continue to evolve based on new research and developing technologies.
In all of my classes, I work to create a student-centered, interdisciplinary learning environment in which traditional pedagogical strategies meet modern, multimedia approaches to learning.


A medievalist and Renaissance specialist by training, my research focuses on comedy and satire within those contexts. More specifically, I study works of comedy and satire from an interdisciplinary perspective and as they relate to the religious and political conflicts of the period in which they were produced.

Selected Publications

Book: -Mormons in Paris: Polygamy on the French Stage, 1874-1892. Critical translation of four French plays, with Corry Cropper. Bucknell University Press, 2020. Articles and book chapters: -“Of Pastorals and Partisans: Nationalist Variations on the Myth of Rural Virtue in Sixteenth-Century Anti-Protestant Polemics.” Sixteenth Century Journal. Forthcoming (2021). -“Forging Satire from Scripture: Biblical Models and Verbal Violence before the Wars of Religion.” Polemic and Literature Surrounding the French Wars of Religion. Eds. Katherine S. Maynard and Jeff W. Kendrick. Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, 2019: 10-27. -“La France satirisée, satyrisée et fragmentée : L’autoreprésentation factionnelle au temps des guerres de religion.” Littérature et politique : Factions et dissidences de la Ligue à la Fronde. Eds. Malina Stefanovska and Adrien Paschoud. Classiques Garnier, 2015: 75-96. Digital Humanities: The Sixteenth-Century French Pamphlet Project: a website featuring transcriptions of sixteenth-century French polemical pamphlets and related content. Website:


I try to approach each citizenship assignment from the forward-looking perspective of helping sustain a vibrant community of scholars and learners, both here at BYU and in the community at large. To this point, my assignments have primarily focused on BYU French students.

Citizenship assignments

French undergraduate advisor
Pi Delta Phi (National French Honor Society) chapter moderator
French and Italian department visiting scholar committee chair
French Political Pamphlet Research Fellowship coordinator
College of Humanities editorial committee

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