Corry L Cropper

Associate Dean, College of Humanities, Professor, French & Italian

4019 JFSB


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Teaching Experience

Teaching is the most challenging and most rewarding part of my career. My teaching philosophy is simple: I want to help students learn. I believe this is best done when students practice and receive feedback. This practice takes the form of small group discussion or exercises in class, assignments, drafts of papers, practice exams, etc. And the feedback I provide is sometimes in class, sometimes in writing, or sometimes in person.


I enjoy finding unexpected connections between different fields: tennis and statues, cycling and positivism, philosophy and the fantastic, regional identity and poaching…. My research focuses on nineteenth-century France, but I am sometimes persuaded to move into other areas

Selected Publications

  • Mormons in Paris: Polygamy on the French Stage 1874–1892. Bucknell University Press, 2020. Edited and Translated with Christopher Flood.
  • Playing at Monarchy: Sport as Metaphor in Nineteenth-Century France. University of Nebraska Press, 2008. Reviewed in the following venues: H-France, Nineteenth-Century French Studies, Sports Literature Association, Times Literary Supplement, The French Review.

Selected Essays

  • “Reader, Response, Theory: The Nineteenth-Century Fantastic as a Counter-Enlightenment Mode.” With Graham Harman. Nineteenth-Century French Studies. 47.1-2 (Fall-Winter 2018-19): 1–14.
  • “Like a Furnace: Alfred Jarry’s The Supermale, Doping, and the Limits of Positivism.” Culture on Two Wheels: The Bicycle in Literature and Film. Eds. Jeremy Withers and Daniel P. Shea. University of Nebraska Press, 2016: 94–115.
  • “Réintroduction à la littérature fantastique: Enlightenment Philosophy, Object-Oriented Ontology, and the French Fantastic.” Nineteenth-Century French Studies 44.1-2 (Fall-Winter 2015-16): 25–45.
  • “Mérimée’s Feasts and the Undermining of Cultural Superiority.” Romance Notes 53.3 (2013): 299–306.
  • “Poaching and Regional Identity During the Third Republic: Maurice Genevoix’s Raboliot.” French Forum 37.3 (Fall 2012): 65–80.
  • “Prosper Mérimée et le jeu.” Cahiers Mérimée 4 (2012): 101–110.
  • “Prosper Mérimée’s ‘Federigo’ or How to Cheat God and Beat Pascal.” Neophilologus 95.3 (2011): 395–401.
  • “Call me Clara: Prosper Mérimée’s Hoax Ethos.” French Literature Series 37 (2010): 89–98.
  • “Haunting the Nouveaux Riches: Mérimée’s ‘La Vénus d’Ille’ and Carmen.” Nineteenth-Century French Studies 38.3-4 (Spring-Summer 2010): 183–98.
  • “Breaking the Duel’s Rules: Brantôme, Mérimée, and Melville.” Essays in French Literature and Culture 46 (2009): 19–40.
  • “Le Clézio’s Children: Intertextuality and Writing in Mondo et autres histoires.” Neophilologus 89 (2005): 41–48.
  • “Prosper Mérimée and the Subversive ‘Historical’ Short Story.” Nineteenth-Century French Studies 33.1-2 (Fall-Winter 2004-05): 57–74.
  • “Revolution Under the Mantilla: Mérimée’s Spanish Theatre.” Dalhousie French Studies 66 (2004): 11–19. Reprinted in Drama Criticism Vol. 33. Ed. Larry Trudeau. Gale: 2009.


I currently work as associate dean in the College of Humanities at BYU. I was chair of the department of French and Italian at Brigham Young University from 2009-18. Outside of BYU, I served as the co-chair of the Nineteenth-Century French Studies Association with Andrea Goulet from UPenn from 2010-17. I still manage the association’s finances, website, and mailing list. I also represented the Nineteenth-Century French division on the MLA’s Delegate Assembly for three years from 2015-17.

Citizenship assignments

  • Nineteenth-Century French Studies Association, ex-officio administrator (responsible for association finances, website, and listserv), 2017 to present.
  • Utah Dual Immersion task force (creating curriculum for DIL high-school bridge program), 2016 to 2018.
  • Nineteenth-Century French Studies Association National Committee, National Co-Chair, 2010 to 2017.
  • MLA Delegate Assembly, Representative for Division on Nineteenth-Century French Literature, 2013 to 2016.
  • Associate Dean, College of Humanities, 2018 to present. •College Administrative Council, 2009 to present.
  • Department chair, Department of French and Italian, 2009 to 2018. •Editor in Chief, Lingua Romana, 2010 to 2018.
  • Graduate coordinator, 2006 to 2009.Affiliations
  • American Association of Teachers of French (AATF)
  • Nineteenth-Century French Studies Association (NCFS)
  • Société Mérimée

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