Cynthia Leah Hallen

Commonly Taught Courses

ELANG 324 History of the English Language ELANG 325 English Grammar ELANG 223 Introduction to English Linguistics ELANG 525 Language and Literature ELANG 527 Early Modern English LING 330 Introduction to Linguistics LING 450 Historical Comparative Linguistics HON 300-R Honors Advanced Composition


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Born in Greenbay, Wisconsin; converted in Phoenix, Arizona; served in Bolivia, La Paz. See the Emily Dickinson Lexicon and Noah Webster’s 1844 American Dictionary of the English Language at


BA English, BYU, 1980

MA & Certificate TESOL, BYU, 1982

PhD Rhetoric, Composition, & Teaching of English, Univ. of Ariz., 1991


Comparative Historical Linguistics; Composition; Discourse; Exegesis; History of the English Language; Lexicography; Philology; Poetics; Rhetorical figures; Stylistics.