Dan P. Dewey

Associate Chair, Professor, Linguistics

4067 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

I teach first and second language acquisition, pragmatics and nonverbal communication, and neurolinguistics. I interaction with others, depth of processing, regular quizzing, embracing difficulty and regular feedback.


As a second language acquisition specialist, I study not just the language learners acquire but also the social, psychological, cognitive and neurological variables that influence language acquisition. I have focused on social network analysis, self-regulation, and positive psychology. Most recently I have turned to using functional neuroimaging (fNIRS) to understand how language is processed and stored and how speaking additional languages affects our brains. Specifically, I am interested in how social working memory (measured via fNIRS) is involved in second language acquisition.

Selected Publications

• Implementing mental contrasting to improve English language learner social networks
• Measuring language development through self-assessment
• Language learning in foreign language houses: immersion and integration
• Anxiety: Stress, Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety, and Enjoyment During Study Abroad in Amman, Jordan
• Language learning and study abroad
• Measuring social interaction during study abroad
• Project perseverance: Helping students become self-regulating learners
• L1, L2, and cognitive development: Exploring relationships
• Does measuring L2 utterance fluency equal measuring overall L2 proficiency?
• Variables affecting L2 gains during study abroad
• Language use in six study abroad programs: An exploratory analysis of possible predictors
• Student and teacher perceptions of motivational strategies in the foreign language classroom
• Japanese vocabulary acquisition by learners in three contexts.
• A comparison of reading development by learners of Japanese in intensive domestic immersion and study abroad contexts.
• Context of learning and second language fluency in French: Comparing regular classroom, study abroad and intensive domestic immersion programs
• The Language Contact Profile


I have been Associate Chair in Linguistics for over eight years. I have been a program coordinator in my department and have been involved in administering three MA programs: Linguistics, TESOL and Second Language Teaching. I also support the Center for Language Studies in a variety of ways.

Citizenship assignments

• Associate Chair of Linguistics
• Linguistics Coordinator
• Self-Study Coordinator
• Search Committee Chair