Daryl Hague

Associate Research Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

3163 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

Research Areas:

Teaching Experience

I enjoy helping students participate in the scholarly conversation about translation and interpretation. I especially appreciate seeing their accomplishments after they graduate from our program. Few things bring me greater satisfaction than seeing my students succeed.


I focus on translation pedagogy. representations of translation in literature, and translation assessment.

Selected Publications

“A Singular(ity) Preoccupation: Translator Training in a Technological World.” Chapter co-authored with Alan K. Melby. Published in The Evolving Curriculum in Interpreter and Translator Training, ed. David Sawyer and Frank Austermuhl. John Benjamins, 2019. Pp. 205-228.

“Empathic Accuracy and Translator Training: Helping Students Imagine Other Minds.” The Interpreter and Translator Trainer 9.1 (2015): 1-10.

“Surveying Translation Quality Assessment: A Specifications Approach.”The Interpreter and Translator Trainer 5.2 (2011): 243-267. Article co-authored with Alan Melby and Wang Zheng.

“Hermeneutic Frameworks and Translator Training: A Brief Visit to the Gates of Hell.” Translation Watch Quarterly 4.2 (2008): 8-20.

“Fuzzy Memories: Why Narrators Forget They Translate for Animals.” Translation and Literature 16.2 (2007): 178-192.


Service to the academic community is vital to my work as a professor. My service has opened research opportunities for me and helped me improve as a teacher.

Citizenship assignments

Board Member, American Translation and Interpreting Studies (2008-present)

Assistant Section Leader for Linguistics in the BYU Department of Spanish and Portuguese (2016-present)

Office Hours:
MWF 3:00-4:00 p.m.