David S. Eddington

Professor, Linguistics

4041 JFSB


Research Areas: , , , ,

Teaching Experience

I enjoy lighting a fire in student’s minds about all things linguistic.


I’m interested in how people process language, the sounds of language, how language varies. I principally work in Spanish and English.

Selected Publications

  •  Statistics for linguists: A step-by-step approach for novices.
  •  Syllabification of American English: Evidence from a Large-scale Experiment
  •  Where are the Mou[ʔə]ns in Utah
  • Dialect Recognition: The Effects of Region of Origin and Amount of Experience
  • A Usage-based Approach to Spanish Verbs of Becoming
  • Spanish Stress Assignment within the Analogical Modeling of Language
  • Spanish Phonology and Morphology: Experimental and Quantitative Perspectives


I have most enjoyed working with students on projects, taking groups study abroad, and organizing professional conferences on campus.

Citizenship assignments

  •  Search committees
  •  College Rank and Status Committee

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