David Phillip Laraway

David Phillip Laraway

Associate Professor/ Philosophy Department Chair, Spanish & Portuguese

4086A JFSB



Permalink: https://humanities.byu.edu/david-phillip-laraway/

Office Hours:
TTh 3-3:45 or by appointment
3164 JFSB
Commonly Taught Courses

Spanish 339 (Introduction to Spanish Literature) Spanish 355 (Spanish American Culture) Spanish 451 (Survey of Spanish American Literature) Spanish 455R/655R (Seminar in Spanish American Poetry) Spanish 459R/650R (Borges, Philosophy, and New Media)


David Laraway received his PhD in Romance Studies (Hispanic Literature, with a minor in Comparative Literature and additional coursework in Philosophy) from Cornell University in 1998, writing his doctoral dissertation on Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. In addition to Árbol de imágenes: nueva historia de la poesía hispanoamericana (with Merlin H. Forster), he is the author of numerous articles and book chapters on a wide range of topics, from modernista poetry to contemporary Basque narrative to Chilean cyberpunk. He recently completed a second PhD in Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought at the European Graduate School (EGS) in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, where he took seminars from Simon Critchley, Peter Singer, Slavoj Zizek, Michael Hardt, and Lev Manovich, among others. In addition to American Idiots: Outsider Music, Outsider Art, and the Philosophy of Incompetence (New York: Atropos Press, 2018), he is the author of the forthcoming Borges and Black Mirror (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019). Dr. Laraway served as the chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Brigham Young University from 2011-2017 and has been appointed to serve a term as chair of the Department of Philosophy (2019-2022). A native of Boise, Idaho, he also takes a keen interest in his own Basque roots and the experience of Basque immigrants in the American West.


PhD, European Graduate School [Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought]
PhD coursework and qualifying exam, University of Utah (2001-2003) [Philosophy]
PhD, Cornell U. (1998) [Romance Studies, with an emphasis in Hispanic Literatures]
MA, Brigham Young U. (1994) [Spanish]
BA, Brigham Young U. (1992) [Philosophy and Spanish]


Hispanic Literature and Culture (Spanish American poetry; Borges; Basque and Basque-American literature and culture)

Philosophy (Aesthetics, Philosophy of Literature; Philosophy in Spain and Latin America)