David Stock

Associate Professor, English

4106 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

Experiential learning and collaborative learning drive my teaching. I design courses with ample opportunities for students to write, read and discuss writing together, (re)write, and reflect on their learning. I find that students who engage mindfully in these activities see significant gains in their development as writers. I enjoy teaching courses in General Education and in the Professional Writing and Rhetoric Minor.


My disciplinary home is rhetoric and writing studies, with specialization in rhetorical pedagogy and writing center studies. My historical scholarship explores sites and figures of rhetorical education that advance disciplinary histories of writing and communication. I also conduct qualitative research on writing instruction and development, often in collaboration with graduate students and undergraduate writing tutors.

Selected Publications

  • Thomas, Ednah Shepard. The Memoir of Ednah Shepard Thomas. Edited by David Stock. Perspectives on Writing Series. University Press of Colorado & CSU Open Press. Online, 2017. Print, 2018.
  • LeCluyse, Christopher, and David Stock. “Religious Identity and Writing Center Tutoring: Perceptions from Latter-day Saint (LDS) Tutors.” WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship. 42.5-6 (Jan/Feb 2018): pp. 2-9
  • Stock, David. “Who Was Warren Taylor? A Microhistorical Footnote to Berlin’s Rhetoric and Reality.” In Microhistories of Composition. Ed. Bruce McComiskey. Utah State University Press, 2016: pp. 192-216
  • Stock, David. “Recuperating John Bascom’s Contributions to Nineteenth-Century Rhetoric and Contemporary Rhetorical Education.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly. 45.1, 2015: pp. 65-83


Since 2013, I have worked with a talented administrative team to coordinate the BYU Writing Center. With Suzanne Julian, I’m the founding co-director of the Research and Writing Center (3340 HBLL), where trained undergraduate consultants provide research and writing help to students across campus. The RWC is a partnership between the College of Humanities and the Harold B. Lee Library.

Citizenship assignments

  • Coordinator, BYU Writing Center, 2013-present
  • Co-coordinator, BYU Research and Writing Center, 2013-present

Office Hours
Th 3:00-4:30 or by appt
Research & Writing Center (3340 HBLL)