Douglas Cunningham

Comparative Arts & Letters

Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

I love teaching at BYU because of the students. I am constantly amazed by everything I learn from them, and I am always impressed by how receptive they are to the ideas and knowledge I share. I believe the best learning environment is one where students can truly focus on the subject matter and share their thoughts about it with the rest of the class. Treating every person with dignity and respect is an important aspect of my teaching philosophy.


My primary research at the moment focuses on representations of masculinity in World War II military training films. I have also researched and written about the films of Alfred Hitchcock, especially his 1958 masterpiece, VERTIGO.

Selected Publications

  • THE SAN FRANCISCO OF ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S VERTIGO: PLACE, PILGRIMAGE, AND COMMEMORATION (edited essay collection published by Scarecrow Press in 2011).
  • A COMPANION TO THE WAR FILM (essay collection co-edited with John Nelson and published by Wiley in 2016).
  • CRITICAL INSIGHTS: ALFRED HITCHCOCK (edited essay collection published by Salem Press in 2016).

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