Douglas J Weatherford

Professor of Hispanic Literatures and Film, Spanish & Portuguese

3169 JFSB


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Teaching Experience

I chose the academic profession because I wanted to teach, and being in the classroom is still my primary passion. I offer classes in Latin American literature, film, and culture, including Spanish 330, 351, and 355. My specialty classes include:

  • Span 438/638 Hispanic Film
  • Span 450R/650R Discovery and Conquest in Latin America
  • Span 454R/654R Spanish American Novel
  • Span 457R Filmic Connections between Mexico and US
  • Span 459R/659R Mexico at Mid-Century: History, Literature, Film


Through the years, my research agenda has focused, in large measure, on Mexico in the mid-twentieth century. My training is in literature, but I am constantly finding ways to explore the connection between the written word and the visual image. Much of my research over the past decade and a half, for example, has explored the relationship of Mexican author Juan Rulfo (1917-1986) to his nation’s film industry. Other research interests include, among others, Latin American film, the historical novel, representations of the period of Discovery and Conquest, and filmic connections between Mexico and the United States.

Selected Publications


  • Juan Rulfo en el cine: Los guiones de Pedro Páramo y El gallo de oro. Ed. Douglas J. Weatherford. Mexico City: Fundación Juan Rulfo-Editorial RM, 2020. (A book-length transcription and study of three screenplays authored by Carlos Fuentes and Gabriel García Márquez and used to adapt Juan Rulfo’s two novels.
  • The Golden Cockerel and Other Writings. By Juan Rulfo. Translated with an introduction by Douglas J. Weatherford. Dallas: Deep Vellum Press. 2017.


  • “Populating the Margins: Hope and Healing in La teta asustada.” Diálogo 23.1 (Spring 2020): 85-99.
  • “Juan Rulfo, cineasta.” Juan Rulfo y su obra: Una guía crítica. Ed. Víctor Jiménez and Jorge Zepeda. Mexico City: Fundación Juan Rulfo—Editorial RM, 2018. 189-93.
  • “Paloma herida: Searching for Juan Rulfo in Emilio Fernández.” Rethinking Juan Rulfo’s Creative World: Prose, Photography, Film. Ed. Dylan Brennan and Nuala Finnegan. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Culture 14. Oxford: Legenda, 2016. 9-31.
  • “El casting de Pedro Páramo (1966): Acercamiento a un reparto cinematográfico.” Pedro Páramo: 60 años. Ed. Víctor Jiménez. Mexico City: Editorial RM – Fundación Juan Rulfo, 2015. 171-82.
  • “Traspié entre la poesía y el cine: El caso de César Vallejo y Roy Andersson.” Espergesia 2.1 (2015): 84-97.
  • “Columbus Reads America in Roa Bastos’s Vigilia del Almirante. Confluencia: Revista Hispánica de Cultura y Literatura 28.2 (Spring 2013). 93-106.
  • “’Texto para cine’: El gallo de oro en la producción artística de Juan Rulfo.” El gallo de oro. By Juan Rulfo. Mexico City: Editorial RM – Fundación Juan Rulfo, 2010. 41-73.
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  • “The Spinster’s Journey: Rosario Castellanos and the Crisis of Female Initiation.” Confluencia: Revista Hispánica de Cultura y Literatura 18.2 (2003): 95-111.
  • “Reading and Revolution in the Novels of Ignacio Solares.” Studies in the Literary Imagination 33.1 (2000): 73-92.
  • “Galileo Gall as Archive in Vargas Llosa’s La guerra del fin del mundo.” Confluencia: Revista Hispánica de Cultura y Literatura 12.2 (1997): 149-59.


I currently serve as co-director of BYU’s International Cinema (IC), a program that has been around for over fifty years. The IC typically screens more 80 films annually from around the world and hosts weekly lectures and podcasts. Additionally, I serve as coordinator of the International Cinema Studies (ICS) minor, an academic program that builds upon the films offered through IC.

Citizenship assignments

  • University Graduate Council, Fall 2014 – August 2019.
  • Section Head. Hispanic Literatures and Cultures Section, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, August 2011 – September 2014.
  • Graduate Coordinator. Department of Spanish and Portuguese, September 2004 – August 2011.