Frank Christianson


American and British Literature


Nineteenth Century


Dr. Christianson teaches courses in nineteenth-century American and British literatures. He specializes in literary realism, transatlanticism, and the novel. Professor Christianson began teaching at BYU in 2002. He received his Ph.D. in English from Brown University and his MA and BA degrees from BYU. His book, Philanthropy in British & American Fiction, was published by Edinburgh University Press in 2007. He is senior editor of The Papers of William F. Cody project, which edits and publishes material related to Cody’s life and enterprises, including the Wild West exhibition. His scholarly editions of The Life of the Hon. William F. Cody and The Wild West in England were published by University of Nebraska Press. His current projects include a co-edited essay collection on nineteenth-century philanthropy in literature and an essay collection on Buffalo Bill’s Wild West exhibition and Americanization in Europe, published with Indiana University Press and University of Oklahoma Press respectively in 2017. He currently serves as an associate dean in the College of Humanities.


PhD, Brown University

BA, MA Brigham Young University

Courses Taught

ENGL 293 History of American Lit.
ENGL 362 Late 19th-C. Am. Lit
ENGL 375 Victorian Lit.