Heather Belnap

Associate Professor and European Studies Coordinator, Comparative Arts & Letters

3051 JFSB and 208 HRCB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

To my mind, the ability to do “good looking” and ask probing questions is not only a fundamental aspect of the world of art and art history, but also an integral part of BYU’s mission. I consider student mentoring a great honor and responsibility, and take a sincere interest in my students and their life journey. I issue a special welcome to students who are LGBTQIA+, to minority and first generation students, to students with disabilities, and to those with mental or spiritual health issues.


Professor Heather Belnap’s research focuses on women, art, and culture from 1750 to the present. Areas of expertise include women in art, fashion, and culture in post-Revolutionary France; representations of religion in the modern era; and women and the Utah art scene, 1880-1950.

Selected Publications

Women, Femininity, and Public Space in European Visual Culture, 1789-1914, eds. Temma Balducci and Heather Belnap Jensen (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Press, 2014).

Interior Portraiture and Masculine Identity in France, 1789-1914, eds. Temma Balducci, Heather Belnap Jensen, and Pamela J. Warner (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2011).

“Aesthetic Evangelism, Artistic Sisterhood, and the Gospel of Beauty: Mormon Women Artists at Home and Abroad, c. 1890-1920” in Beyond Biography: Sources and Contexts for Mormon Women’s History, eds. Rachel Cope, Amy Easton-Flake, Keith Erekson, and Lisa Olsen Tait (Madison, New Jersey: Fairleigh Dickenson University Press, 2017): 141-66.

“Le privilège des femmes dans la critique d’art en France, 1785-1815.” Trans. Séverine Sofio. Sociétés & Répresentations. Special issue: Nouveaux regards sur la critique d’art au XIXe siècle. (Université I Paris/Sorbonne), no. 40 (October 2015): 145-61.

“Parures, Pashminas, and Portraiture, or How Joséphine Bonaparte Fashioned the Napoleonic Empire.” Fashion in European Art: Dress and Identity, Politics and the Body, 1775-1925. Dress Cultures series. Ed. Justine De Young (London: I.B. Tauris, 2017), 15-30.


I take seriously my role as a citizen in academia, in my professional fields, and in the civic arena. I consider myself a university thinker who is committed to helping BYU find better ways to accomplish its mission, and have gladly served in a number of capacities. My citizenship in the professional and civic arenas is largely centered around the advancement of women in the visual arts. I am honored to have my service recognized in being included in Jann Haworth’s Utah Women 2020 mural.

Citizenship assignments

Coordinator of BYU’s European Studies Program, Kennedy Center for International Studies, 2017—.

Member of BYU’s Women’s Studies Executive Committee, 2011—2017.

Regional Representative for State of Utah, The Feminist Art Project (TFAP), 2015—.

Member of College Art Association’s Services to Historians of Visual Arts, 2021-2024.

Member of College Art Association’s Committee for Women in the Arts, 2015-2018.

Contemporary Art
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Art & Architecture of Eighteenth-Century Europe
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