Jacob D. Rawlins

Assistant Professor, Linguistics

4051 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

The students who take my editing courses are preparing to graduate and enter the workplace. I approach the class from a different direction, having left an editing career to teach. I use our different perspectives to build toward my central goal: to help students make concrete connections between the concepts they learn in my classroom and the work they will do when they enter the workplace. These connections are best made through student-led learning and engagement outside of the classroom.


My research and publishing efforts at BYU have focused on applied rhetoric in four specific areas: (1) professional communication pedagogy, (2) data visualizations, (3) business practices, and (4) linguistic prescriptivism. These four research areas converge in the study of editing and publishing, including both the history of publishing and current industry practices.

Selected Publications

  •  Rawlins, Jacob D. Publishing in Wales: Renaissance and Resistance. Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2021.
  •  Chapman, Don, and Jacob D. Rawlins, eds. Language Prescription: Values, Ideologies and Identity. Multilingual Matters, 2020.
  •  Patriarca, Ashley, Rebecca Pope-Ruark, Jacob D. Rawlins, Matthew R. Sharp, and Jennifer R. Veltsos. “Applied Rhetoric as Disciplinary Umbrella: Community, Connections, and Identity,” in Foundational Knowledge and Innovative Practices in Technical and Professional Communication, Joanna Schreiber and Lisa Melonçon, eds. Forthcoming 2020.
  •  Rawlins, Jacob D. “Inventio through Praxis: Connecting Competencies with the Canon,” in Rhetorical Theory and Praxis in the Business Communication Classroom, Kristen Getchell and Paula J. Lentz, eds. New York: Routledge, 2018, 47–64.
  •  Wilson, Gregory D., Jacob D. Rawlins, and Kate Crane. “Agency in Action: Exploring User Responses and Rhetorical Choices in Interactive Data Displays.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 48/4 (2018): 471–99.
  • Rawlins, Jacob D. “Localized Myth: Creating and Maintaining Persuasive Power.” Enculturation 25 (27 September 2017).
  • Balzotti, Jonathan, and Jacob D. Rawlins. “Client-Based Pedagogy Meets Workplace Simulation: Developing Social Processes in the Arisoph Case Study.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 59/2 (2016): 140–52.
  •  Lucas, Kristen, and Jacob D. Rawlins. “The Competency Pivot: Introducing a Revised Approach to the Business Communication Course.” Business and Professional Communication Quarterly 78/2 (2015): 167–93.


The most important part of my university service is the work I get to do to support students. I have been involved with advising students in the Editing and Publishing programs since I came to BYU, and I was able to contribute to the formation of the Editing and Publishing major. I currently coordinate the Editing and Publishing faculty in Linguistics.

Citizenship assignments

  • Coordinator, Editing Section, Linguistics Department
  •  Organizer, Symposium on Applied Rhetoric
  • Chair, C. R. Anderson Research Fund Committee, Association for Business Communication
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Business Communication