Jarron Slater


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

I have been teaching rhetoric, writing, and professional communication for more than 10 years at 4 different universities, but out of all of those, BYU is by far my favorite.


I study the relationship between rhetorical aesthetics and religion through style.

Selected Publications

  • “Expectations of Exaltation: Formal Sublimity as a Prolegomenon to Style’s Unbounded Future.” In Style and the Future of Composition Studies. Edited by Paul Butler, Brian Ray, and Star Medzerian Vanguri. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press, 2020. 147-159.
  • “Towards Patho-logology: Love as God-term of Terministic-Affect Screens.” Journal of Communication and Religion 41.4 (2018): 97-113.
  • “Attitudes of Collaborative Expectancy: Antithesis, Gradatio, and A Rhetoric of Motives, Page 58.” Rhetoric Review 37.3 (2018): 247-258.


I appreciate supporting, counselling, and advising students.

Citizenship assignments

At a past university, I worked with others to organize a university-wide conference about rhetoric.