Jeff Peterson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese, Asian & Near Eastern Languages

3091 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

I have developed two technological applications for language learning, taught and mentored students in 44 sections across the entire spectrum of the undergraduate Japanese curriculum, have contributed to the development of a new textbook and new blended/hybrid course, and have developed numerous other Japanese educational materials. I have also completed ACTFL Japanese oral proficiency assessment training further conveying my dedication to continual professional development.


My research focuses on the area of Japanese pedagogy. I am also interested in CALL and corpus research. My recent research investigates the effects of different types of reading activities on learners of Japanese. Since entering academia, I have presented my research at 17 national and international venues. I have also published three articles, two of which explore the effects of different Japanese language learning activities. I currently have two articles in press at different academic journals. As a research assistant supervisor, I also guide, mentor, and supervise graduate and undergraduate students on research projects.

Recently, I was requested to be a consultant for the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources, providing expert knowledge and materials in preparation for the council’s Tadoku-Extensive Reading LibGuide. By invitation, I have also acted as a manuscript reviewer on Japanese language related articles for Foreign Language Annals.

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  • Peterson, J. (Manuscript submitted for publication). Improving Japanese pronunciation: Implementation of an experimental pitch accent training regimen.
  •  Peterson, J. (in press). Speaking ability progress of language learners in online and face-to-face courses. Foreign Language Annals.
  •  Henrichsen, L., Blanco, K. D., Carreño, S., Carter, S., Decker, L., Fry, L., James, J., Krauel, M., Li, Y. R., Malyshkevich, V., Messenger, R., Moore, A., Mullen, A.-L., Peterson, J., Sell, J., Stephens, C., Van Wagoner, K., Young, A., & Zhao, K. (2018). Online resources for learners and teachers of English language pronunciation. TESL Reporter, 51(1), 23–89.
  • Refereed Proceedings Articles
  • Peterson, J. (2018). A Japanese pitch accent practice program and L1 influence on pitch accent acquisition. In Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America (Vol. 3, p. 1:1–12). Salt Lake City, UT: Linguistics Society of America.
  • Peterson, J. (2017). Nihon-go no goi, bunpō, kanji, oyobi bunka ni kansuru chishiki no gūhatsu- teki gakushū: Kami-baitai kyōzai, onrain kyōzai, dejitaru gēmu no hikaku [Incidental learning of Japanese vocabulary, grammar, kanji, and culture through reading online, in print, and in digital games]. In The Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Computer Assisted Systems for Teaching & Learning Japanese (CASTEL/J) (pp. 289–303). Tokyo: Waseda University.
  • Book Reviews Solicited by Editors
  • Peterson, J. (in press). [Review of East Asian Perspectives on Silence in English Language Education, by J. King & S. Harumi (Eds.)]. LINGUIST List.
  • Theses and Dissertations
  • Peterson, J. (2019). The effects of extensive reading on reading rate among intermediate-level learners of Japanese as a foreign language [Doctoral dissertation, Purdue University].
  •  Peterson, J. (2016). Incidental learning of Japanese through reading online, in print, and in digital games [Master’s thesis, Brigham Young University].


Currently, I organize and facilitate academic lectures as a member of the Asian and Near Eastern Languages Department Lectures Committee. As a trainer of Japanese instructors, I also conduct instructor training for teaching assistants of all levels. I also have experience in outreach to the community demonstrated through numerous volunteer activities including volunteering as the Utah Regional Japan Culture Bowl Organizer and Facilitator, and as a volunteer interpreter.

Citizenship assignments

  • Committee Member, Department Lectures Committee, Asian and Near Eastern Languages Department, Brigham Young University, August 2020–Present.

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