Juno Baik

Assistant Professor, Asian & Near Eastern Languages

3089 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

I believe students learn not just from the content of the course but also from the attitude of the teacher. I design and prepare my lessons so that I can deliver my sincerity to students.


My research interest is centered on second language acquisition, focusing on the correlation between cognitive abilities and language acquisition.

Selected Publications

  • Baik, J., Nam, Y., Kim, Y. (2019). The relative difficulty of processing Korean modifying clauses: An eye-tracking study. The Korean Language and Literature, 189, 147-184.
  • Baik, J., Kim, Y. (2018). Effects of learner factors on syntactic complexity development of L2 writing: Evidence from L2 Korean. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics, 34(3), 3-36.
  •  Baik, J., Lee, S.Y., & Kim, Y. (2013). Working memory: Correlation with second language development and its measuring methodology, Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics, 29(1), 127-150.


I’ve worked with ETS as an SAT Korean test committee member and helped them validate the test reliability. As a faculty coordinator for the FLSR Korean house, I try to provide the best environment for a language immersion house. I believe that my abilities are useful when it is used to help others.

Citizenship assignments

  •  2020
    SAT Korean Committee Member
  •  2018-Present
    Korean Foreign Language House Faculty Facilitator
  •  2017-2018
    Editorial Board Member, Reviewer
    The Applied Linguistics Association of Korea, 2017-2018

Office Hours
TTh 9:00AM-12:00PM
3089 JFSB