Katya Jordan

Katya Jordan

Assistant Professor, German & Russian

3115 JFSB



Permalink: https://humanities.byu.edu/katya-jordan/

Katya Jordan’s area of specialization is Russian literature and culture from nineteenth century to the present. She is particularly interested in the cultural construction and literary depiction of silence. Her current research focuses on literary journalism during the Era of Great Reforms. Her other interests include:

  • construction of national/cultural identity
  • literary connections between Russia and the West
  • Dostoevsky, the journalist
  • early women’s literary journalism
  • Russian modernity
  • history and theory of the novel
  • history of the Russian intelligentsia
  • comparative periodical studies in Imperial period (journals, publication and censorship)
  • contextual studies
  • memory studies



  • Ph.D., Slavic Languages and Literatures (University of Virginia, 2014)
  • M.A., Slavic Languages and Literatures (University of Virginia, 2007)
  • B.A., English (University of Utah, 2004)
  • TESOL Certificate (University of Utah, 2004)


Courses Taught

  • Russ 101: First Year Russian
  • Russ 322: Third-Year Russian
  • Russ 340: Masterpieces of Russian Literature (in translation)
  • Russ 421/422: Fourth-Year Russian
  • Russ 442: Russian Literature, Part 2 (XX century, in Russian)
  • Russ 490R: Russian Translation





  • All
  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate
  • Russian—BA

    Students will develop fluency as well as sensitivity to their own language and cultural heritage, to the contributions and diversity of other peoples, and to advantages of international perspectives.

  • Women’s Studies—Minor

    The women’s studies minor educates students in the findings, theories, and methodologies fundamental to the women’s studies field, while fostering critical thinking and superior scholarship.

  • Comparative Literature—BA