Larry H Peer

Professor, Comparative Arts & Letters

3023 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

Teaching is weaving two things together in complex patterns: imparting deeply researched and multi-linguistic information, and challenging to change the way one thinks.


Romanticism (all of it); the history of literary theory; the Enlightenment; literature/cinema studies; the history and methodology of Comparative Literature.

Selected Publications

  • Romanticism: Comparative Discourses (winner of the Barricelli prize)
  • (Roman)ticism
  • Romanticism: Comparative Discourses
  • Romanticism Across the Disciplines
  • Romanticism and the Object


  • Chair, Humanities and Comparative Literature Department (BYU)
  • Head, Comparative Literature Department (University of Georgia)
  • Executive Director, International Conference on Romanticism
  • President, Western Regional Honors Council
  • President, Rocky Mountain Society for Aesthetics
  • Delegate, American Council of Learned Societies

Citizenship assignments

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