Mara Garcia

Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

3150 JFSB


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Teaching Experience

My teaching philosophy is to help my students to learn and succeed both in and out of the classroom. I would like my students to develop critical thinking skills when they read literary works and to better their writing abilities in their research papers.I love to teach at BYU because it has a spiritual and learning environment. The students have the desire to learn and serve others. They are respectful and they love to engage with learning literature in order to apply them in their future.


I began my career focusing on female Latin American writers, in whom I remain very interested and I continued doing my research on them. I am also interested in Latin American narrative and Theater. I am doing research on spatial studies and Fantastic Literature. My current research focuses on the well-known Peruvian writer Cesar Vallejo and I have published a few books on him as well as on other female writers.

Selected Publications

César Vallejo y los espacios. Cultura infantil: Primicia mundial. Lima: La Catedral. Diciembre
César Vallejo: Poeta de fogón. Primicia mundial:Testamento del padre. Lima: arteidea grupo editorial,
2017. 176pp.
César Vallejo: Poeta universal. Lima: Fondo Editorial Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos,
2013. 214pp.
César Vallejo: Estudios y Panoramas críticos. Ed. Mara L. García. Trujillo: Instituto de Estudios
Vallejianos. Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, 2011.
Elena Garro: Un recuerdo sólido. Edition, introducction and bibliography by Mara García. Xalapa, Veracruz:
Colección Cuadernos. Instituto de investigaciones linguisti co-literarias. Universidad Veracruzana, 2009.
Escritoras bolivianas de hoy. Edition, Introduction and Interviews by Mara L.García. Santa Cruz:
Editorial La Hoguera, 2008.
Escritoras Venezolanas de hoy. Edition, Introduction and Interviews by Mara L. García. Puebla: Sierra
Editores, 2005.


My service contributions at the departmental, university, national and international levels represents an important component of my career as a BYU Professor. Being the founder of the IDEV, allowed me a great opportunity to serve the students at BYU and the community in Utah. Being able to participate in my Department and College in several committees has helped me learn and grow as a professional. My service nationally and internationally has positively impacte my teaching and research.

Citizenship assignments

Study Abroad Committee Member since January 2018-August 2020.

Advance and Rank Committee Member (Since Febr. 2016 to Present)

President-Founder/Director. Instituto de Estudios Vallejianos Chapter Utah-USA. BYU. (August
6, 2002-Present).

Section Chair. Hispanic and Luzo-Brazilian Literature.September 2014-2017

Reviewer for Literary Journals (USA, Peru, Spain, Mexico)

General Coordinator. II Congreso Mundial de Letras Hispanas. César Abraham Vallejo
Mendoza. ASORBAEX-España 2020. 4 y 18 de Setiembre, 2020.VIA ZOOM

Member Coordinator. Capulí Aula virtual Internationall. Capulí, Vallejo y su tierra-Perú (Since
March 2020 topresent). Via Zoom & Facebook live (40 sessions (3-4 hours each saturday) until Jan 16, 2021)

Office Hours:
TTh 1:00pm-:2:15pm; 3:15-4pm
3150 JFSB