Marie Orton

French & Italian

3139 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

The acquisition of values comes with the acquisition of language. Becoming proficient in a second language and understanding the culture from which it derives develops skills in analysis, research, communication, and self-reflection. My role as a teacher is to help students develop these skills and transfer them beyond my classes. Teaching at BYU is extremely rewarding because my students are highly invested in their education and sincerely strive to improve the world around them.


My research focuses predominantly on contemporary Italy and the significant cultural shift occurring due to migration. Related areas include diversity studies, Shoah studies, cinema studies, and gender studies.

Selected Publications

Most recent publications:
Contemporary Italian Diversity in Critical and Fictional Narratives, co-edited with Graziella Parati and Ron Kubati, under contract with Farleigh Dickinson University Press.
Emancipated: Jewish Women in 19th and 20th century Italy. Translation of Emancipated by Monica Miniati, under contract with Palgrave.
“Subverting italianità: The comic voice of Laila Wadia,” Italian Culture Vol. 38, no. 1, 2020.


I appreciate the opportunity to work with Global Women’s Studies, whose numerous activities directly impact the university community. My favorite assignment is training and supervising the Student Instructors for 100- and 200-level language classes, because teaching is a life skill. I also serve on the review boards for three academic journals, which provides a very hands-on opportunity to work in my areas of research with colleagues across the country and internationally.

Citizenship assignments

Global Women’s Studies Executive Committee
(I also serve as the Faculty Advisor to GWS minors)
Section Head for Italian
Supervisor and Trainer for Student Instructors of 100- and 200-level language courses