Matthew J. Baker

Assistant Professor, Linguistics

4045 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

Research Areas: ,

Teaching Experience

My professional career before academia and the applied nature of my discipline influences my teaching. Therefore, in my teaching I emphasize professionalism, dialogue, practice, and continuous improvement.


In my research, I am interested in discovering what the best ways are to teach someone to write professionally, what the most effective ways are to write professionally (both the process and product of the writing), and what the best ways are to write collaboratively online. Therefore, my research areas include writing feedback, professional writing, and collaborative writing.

Selected Publications

Baker, W.H., Baker, M.J., & Robles, V.D. (2020). Professional Writing and Speaking. Spanish Fork, UT: Noun Publishing.

Carradini, S. A., Baker, M. J., Sharp, M. R., & Davidson, E. (2020). Locations, Programs, and Content of Graduate Education in Business Communication. Business Communication Research and Practice, 3(1), 4–16.

Baker, M. J. (2020). Contextual Information in Social How-To Questions That Initiate Documentation. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 34(3), 287–326.

Baker, M. J. (2019). Pain or Gain? How Business Communication Students Perceive the Outlining Process. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 82(3), 273–296.

Robles, V.D., & Baker, M.J. (2019). Using Case-Method Pedagogy to Facilitate Audience Awareness. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 62(2), 192–207.

Coffelt, T. A., Baker, M. J., & Corey, R. C. (2016). Business Communication Practices From Employers’ Perspectives. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 79(3), 300–316.

Baker, W.H., & Baker, M.J. (2015). Writing and Speaking for Business. Provo, UT: BYU Academic Publishing.


Academic service is important to me because I believe that the success of groups, departments, colleges, universities, and disciplines depends on the service and sacrifice of the individuals who make up those groups.

Citizenship assignments

Advisor, Editing and Publishing Major and Minor, Brigham Young University

Advisor, STET: The Editors’ Network, Brigham Young University

History Committee, Department of Linguistics, Brigham Young University

Humanities College Representative, University Continuity Committee, Brigham Young University

Proceedings Editorial Review Board Member, Association for Business Communication

Committee Member, Graduate Studies Committee, Association for Business Communication