Mike Pope

Associate Professor, Comparative Arts & Letters

3043 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

There is nothing I enjoy more about my job than reading ancient poetry with students, whether in English translation or in Greek and Latin. When we read verse in conversation together, it comes alive.


I am interested in two distinct areas. When I work on Greco-Roman things, I focus on the Latin epic poet and Epicurean philosopher Lucretius. When I write on early Christian literature, I do research on the infancy and passion narratives in the Gospel of Luke.

Selected Publications

Some recent publications include:

“Extraction and Emission Language in Luke 8:45.” Novum Testamentum 61 (Forthcoming in 2021).

“Bodies Piled High: Lucretius, Lucan, and the Un/Natural Costs of Civil War.” Classical Philology (2020): 209-26.

“Emotions, Pre-emotions, and Jesus’ Comportment in Luke 22:39–42.” Novum Testamentum 62 (2019): 25-43.

“Luke’s Seminal Annunciation: An Embryological Reading of Mary’s Conception.” Journal of Biblical Literature 138 (2019): 793-809.

“Embryology, Female Semina, and Male Vincibility in De Rerum Natura.” Classical Quarterly 69 (2019): 229-45.


Though I consider other assignments important, my primary concern is the well-being and success of my students, those I teach in large courses and those I mentor more directly.

Citizenship assignments

Inviting and hosting our department’s annual Clark Lecture in Classics, a lectureship that has been held by many esteemed scholars of the classical world.