Nancy Christiansen

Associate Professor, English

4161 JFSB


Research Areas: , , ,

Teaching Experience

1. show how subject and its practice inculcate life skills, improving good judgment and relationship building 2. develop students discernment, equipping them to distinguish philosophy of gospel from erring worldly philosophies 3. enable deeper reading of people and ethical, clear communication with others 4. make logical, appropriate arguments and evaluate quality of arguments


1. history of language-arts education (studia humanitatis)
2. philosophies of rhetoric throughout history
3. survey of philosophies throughout the centuries
4. the widespread application of Christian Humanist rhetoric to all human and divine creations in the 15th-17th centuries, with focus on Britain.
5. teaching a more complete rhetorical criticism and composition curriculum on both secondary and college levels, with the ultimate learning objective being leadership development

Selected Publications

Figuring Style: The Legacy of Renaissance Rhetoric (2013, pp. 640)
Articles or Chapters:
“The Dialogue, the Frame, and the Transfer: Three Metaphors as Heuristics for Good Reading” in Dialogues & Conversations, 2nd Ed. (1996), pp. xxvii-xxxviii.
“Rhetoric as Character-Fashioning: The Implications of Delivery’s Places in the British Renaissance Paideia” in Rhetorica 15.3 (1997): 297-334.
“Synecdoche, Tropic Violence, and Shakespeare’s Imitatio in Titus Andronicus” in Style 34.3 (2000): 350-379.
“The Master Double Frame and Other Lessons from Classical Education” in Intertexts: Reading Pedagogy in College Writing Classrooms (2003): 71-100.
“The Rhetoric of Biblical Rhetoric” in Literature and Belief 37.2 (2017):87-103.
“Revisioning Stylistic Analysis and Renaissance Elocutio” in Style 53.2 (2019): 157-184.


Focus: build community and unity; create safety and open, honest dialogue; support and encourage; offer service to department and university

Citizenship assignments

1. Director of BYU Reading Center (for 7 years)
2. Department Hiring Committee (2 years)
3. Department Graduate Committee (3 years)
4. Rhetoric Section Head (9 years)

ENGL 232
MW 3:30-4:45 p.m.
117 HRCB
ENGL 322
MW 9:30-10:45 a.m.
1126 JKB
ENGL 382
MW 12:30-1:45 p.m.
2009 JKB
ENGL 400