Norman W. Evans

Department Chair, Faculty Advisor English Language Center, Professor, Linguistics

4064C JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

My teaching philosophy rests on the three principles. First,I students are my “customers”;they are the primary element in my profession. My purpose is to help them succeed. The second, “It’s not teaching that causes learning. It’s attempts by the learner to learn, to make meaning, to internalize, to take away.”(Wiggins,1999). My students must be responsible for their learning. Finally, I am always mindful of my students’ potentials. This alone makes what and how I teach eternally important.


My research focuses on four main strands of second language learning:

  • Writing in a second language—written corrective feedback
  •  Language program administration
  • Language curriculum development
  •  self-regulated learning

Selected Publications

  • Andrade, M., Evans, N. W. (2013). Principles and Practices for Responding to Second Language Writing: Developing Self-regulated Learners. Routledge.
  • Evans, N. W., Anderson, N. J., Eggington, W. (2015). ESL Readers and Writers in Higher Education: Understanding Challenges, Providing Support. Routledge.
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  • Messenger, R., Evans, N., & Hartshorn, K. J. (2020). Managing dynamic written corrective feedback: Perceptions of experienced teachers. Journal of Response to Writing
  • Krauel-Nix, M.K., Evans, N.W., Eckstein, G., & McMurry, B.L. (2019). Designing and developing an online self-regulated learning course. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 10(1), 103-115.
  • Cave, P., Evans, N. W., Hartshorn, K. J., Dewey, D. (2018) “Motivational partnerships: Increasing ESL student self-efficacy.” ELT Journal.
  • Evans, N. W., Hartshorn, K. J., Cox, T. L., Martin, De Jel, T. (2014). “Measuring Written Linguistic Accuracy with Weighted Clause Ratios: A question of validity.” Journal of Second Language Writing.


Citizenship has always been a part of my professional portrait. As John Tanner so eloquently noted in his essay Citizenship, CFS, and BYU’s Soul, citizenship implies much more than filling committee assignments and attending required meetings. One must become “part of the university’s very soul.” I have tried to demonstrate this as I have contributed in the University and the College of Humanities, the Department of Linguistics including the English Language Center, and the MTC.

Citizenship assignments

  • Department Chair
  • English Language Center Coordinator
  • TESOL MA Coordinator
  • TESOL MA Admissions committee
  • Search committee (chair and member) 4
  • Mongolia missionary English language teaching coordinator