Rachel Yu Liu

Assistant Professor, Asian & Near Eastern Languages

3073 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

Four cardinal values orient me in my teaching activities. They form my teaching compass: 1) student-centered, 2) good learning habits, 3) open discussion, and 4) learning curve. I want my students to be active learners, open-minded thinkers, and good communicators. I have been teaching various Chinese courses including language-focus courses, linguistic courses, and literature courses (Chinese 301, 311, 321, 322, 441, 443, 444, 490, 495).


My research interests are Chinese linguistics, second language acquisition, language assessment.

2018-present, Research group member, Cross-disciplinary research project “Cross-languages eye-tracking study on second language reading”
2010-present, Language test developer, BYU Adaptive Reading Test (ART) and Adaptive Listening Test (ALT)

Selected Publications

Liu, Y. (forthcoming). The Acquisition of Continuous Aspect Expression “V zhe” in Chinese a Second Language, Pedagogical Grammar and Grammar Pedagogy in L2 Chinese, Routledge.
Liu, Y. (in print). How Lexical Access Affects Second Language Speaking Fluency: A Mix-method Research, In Edited Volume The acquisition of Chinese as a second language pronunciation: Segments and prosody, Edited by Yang, Chunsheng, Springer Nature.
Liu, Y. (2020). Relating Lexical Access and Second Language Speaking Performance. Languages, 5(2), 127-142.
Liu, Y. (2019). Disfluency in L2 Chinese Academic Oral Presentation and Formulaic Language Teaching, In Edited Volume Chinese for Specific and Professional Purposes, Edited by Tao, Hongyin, and Howard Hao-Jan Chen, Springer Nature, pp. 95-130.
Liu, Y. (2019). Formulaic language instruction of classical grammatical words in modern Chinese. Chinese as a Second Language. The journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, 54(2), 122-144.
Liu, Y. (2018). Causes of Disfluency in Chinese L2 Speech, Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies, Language Teaching and Linguistics Studies (《语言教学与研究》), 197(3): 77-89.
Liu, Y. (2017). The Relationship between Text Types and Task Difficulty in Chinese L2 Teaching, Journal of Chinese Language Education 《华文学刊》 15(2): 1-15.
Liu, Y. (2017). The Effects of Task Types on Lexical Diversity of L2 Chinese Learners’ Speaking Performance, Chinese Teaching in the World《世界汉语教学》 31(2): 253-269.


From 2010 to present, I have been working closely with colleagues at the Center for Language Studies in developing a computer adaptive Chinese proficiency test (reading, listening). The test is widely used by BYU and other institutes for assessing Chinese learners’ proficiency. I also serve as the faculty coordinator of the Chinese house program at BYU. In additional, I serve as reviewer for academic journals in the field of Chinese linguistics and teaching Chinese as a second language.

Citizenship assignments

2020-present, Master’s thesis committee member
2019-present, Master’s thesis committee member
2016-2018, Master’s thesis committee chair
2014-present, Faculty coordinator of the Chinese house program

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