Rob McFarland

Associate Professor, German & Russian

3104 JFSB


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Teaching Experience

Learning should feel less like commercial trucking, with nearly-wrapped pallets being loaded into your head so that you can drive them to the testing center to unload them. Learning should feel more like exploration. At the end, it is not what you have, but what you are.


Cultural History in all of its maddening complexity. What is the answer that this text/painting/building/film is answering? What itch is it scratching?

Selected Publications

Rob McFarland, Georg Spitaler and Ingo Zechner (Eds) The Red Vienna Sourcebook, Rochester:Camden House, 2020. German Edition: Das Rote Wien. Schlüsseltexte der zweiten Wiener Moderne. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020

Red Vienna, White Socialism and the Blues: Ann Tizia Leitich’s America. Rochester: Camden House, 2015

(With Michelle Story James) Sophie Discovers Amerika: German-Speaking Women Write the New World. Rochester:Camden House, 2014


Put your shoulder to the wheel, push along

Citizenship assignments

Coalition of Women in German: Steering Committee Member, Berkeley/Tübingen/
Vienna/Harvard Research Network (BTWH) Steering Committee member

University Rank and Status Committee, college Rank and Status Committee, German Section Head

Co-Director: Sophie: A Digital Library of Works by German-Speaking Women

European Studies Executive Committee, Faculty Affiliate: Global Women’s Studies, International Cinema