Robert J. Hudson

Associate Professor of French, French & Italian

3133 JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

My approach to teaching is multi-media driven, interactive and learning-centered. Since equipping students with the tools to analyze cultural realia (films, texts, historical artifacts) and write about them meaningfully constitutes the core objective of my instruction, I model such in lecture and craft writing assignments to encourage the application of skills, aiming to also provide thorough, encouraging feedback in a conversational, human tone.


Poetry: French Lyric Tradition ~ Clément Marot & Gallic Regional Identity ~ Pontus de Tyard & Renaissance Neoplatonism Valois France in the Italian Wars (1494–1559; esp. 16c Lyon & Lorraine) Imitation Theory, Petrarchism, Rhetoric & Pléïade Poetics French & Italian Cinema (30s, New Wave)

Selected Publications

Articles: “Bucolic Influence: Marot’s Gallic Pastoral and Maurice Scève’s Arion.” Romanic Review 105.3­–4 (May–Nov 2014): 253–72.

“Latently Gallic: Locus amœnus and the prurient verse of the mature Pontus de Tyard.” French Forum 39.1 (Winter 2014): 1–18.

“Nerval, Ronsard and the Orphic Lyre: Modulating Romantic Irony in Les Chimères.” Nineteenth-Century French Studies 41.3–4 (2013): 220–36.

Book Chapters: “‘C’est mon stile qui change’: Clément Marot’s Lyrical Turn in Renée’s pays italique.” In Representing the Life and Legacy of Renée de France: from Fille de France to Dowager Duchess. Eds. Gabriella Scarlatta and Kelly Peebles. Toronto (CRRS), 2021 (in press).

“Plus mon Loyre Gaulois: Imitation/Renovatio and Gallic Terroir in Joachim Du Bellay’s Les Regrets.”; For Early Modern Visions of Space: France and Beyond. Eds. Dorothea Heitsch and Jeremie Korta. Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 2021 (in press).

“Naïve douceur: Earthy Grist and Gallic Verve in the Marotic Rondeau.” In Itineraries in Renaissance French Literature. Eds. Jeff Persels, Kendall Tarte and George Hoffmann. Brill, 2017.

“Marot vs. Sagon: Heresy and the Gallic School, 1537.” In Representations of Heresy in French Art and Literature. Eds. Gabriella Scarlatta and Lidia Radi. Toronto (CRRS), 2017.


MLA (Modern Language Association): 16c French Forum Executive Committee (2018–present; chair, 2022)
SCSC (Sixteenth Century Society & Conference): French Literature Track Director (2012–18)
I’ve also refereed articles and provided editorial feedback for the Presses Universitaires de France (PUF-Sorbonne), Sixteenth Century Journal, Yale University Press, McGraw-Hill (for Film Art), Viator, etc.

Citizenship assignments

Lingua Romana: A Journal of French, Italian and Romanian Culture, Editor-in-Chief (2018–present) MARS (BYU Medieval & Renaissance Studies), director (2017–present) BYU General Education: GE Arts task force committee

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