Samuel Lopez-Alcala

Spanish & Portuguese

Curriculum Vitae

Research Areas:

Teaching Experience

As a translator trainer, my teaching is based on the following pillars: 1. A functional approach to translation (as products of human action, translated texts have readers and purposes and they are a function; 2. Translation competence acquisition. The aim of translation pedagogy is the acquisition by students of a set of skills which enable students to execute the translation process and solve translation problems effectively and successfully, and 3. Integration of theory, history and practice.


I am a translation historian first and foremost, specializing in the study of the history of translation and interpreting in the United States and Spain. Philosophical and theoretical aspects of translation also interest me, without disengaging the world of ideas about translation from that of its human agents: authors, translators, patrons and users.

Selected Publications

  • LÓPEZ ALCALÁ, SAMUEL. 2014. “El traductor desheredado: El teniente Melitón Trejo y la primera traducción al español del Libro de Mormón en el siglo XIX”. 1611: REVISTA DE HISTORIA DE LA TRADUCCIÓN 8, HTTP://WWW.TRADUCCIONLITERARIA.ORG/1611/ART/LOPEZALCALA.HTM (ACCESSED JAN, 2015)
  • LÓPEZ ALCALÁ, SAMUEL. 2017. “Prophets and Translators: Delineating Habitus, Field, and Capital in Mormon Translation of Sacred Texts”. MTM. A TRANSLATION JOURNAL, 9, 424-444
  •  LÓPEZ ALCALÁ, SAMUEL. 2018. “Notas sobre la traducción española de L’art de faire l’indienne a l’instar de l’Angletterre de Don Miguel Suárez y Núñez en 1771”. 1611: REVISTA DE HISTORIA DE LA TRADUCCIÓN, 12, HTTP://WWW.TRADUCCIONLITERARIA.ORG/1611/ART/LOPEZALCALA2.HTM.
  •  LÓPEZ ALCALÁ, SAMUEL. 2020. “Which were the happiest translators? The case for methodological pluralism in translation history”, 1611: REVISTA DE HISTORIA DE LA TRADUCCIÓN (HTTP://WWW.TRADUCCIONLITERARIA.ORG/1611/ART/LOPEZALCALA3.HTM, ACCESSED 1/5/2020).
  •  LÓPEZ ALCALÁ, SAMUEL. 2021. “Issues of explanation in translation history: An example from US–Mexican religious historiography”. Translation Studies, 14(1):51-65. DOI: 10.1080/14781700.2020.1777193


I serve in whatever capacity my department and college see fit to assign to me. My focus also transcends the campus limits as I seek to connect translators and interpreters and other corporate actors in the language services industry with academia and the community at large.

Citizenship assignments

  • Member of the Study Abroad Committee (Department of Spanish and Portuguese, BYU)
  • Member of Curriculum Committee (Department of Spanish and Portuguese, BYU)
  • Member of the Humanities Outreach and participation in the Black Music Research Group