Shamae Budd


4036 JSFB


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Teaching Experience

Like most things, writing is learned by doing. Shamae encourages her students to read attentively, write consistently and revise with clear intention. She expects students to approach the writing of others—both professionals and peers—with equal parts brain and heart, articulating how the components of a piece e/affect the whole.


Shamae’s primary focus is creative nonfiction / personal essay. She explores family dynamics, the risks and rewards of connection (and disconnection), religion, anxiety / mental health, the natural world, writing theory and other topics in her writing.

Selected Publications

National Publications: Personal Essay
• “Skiing: An Elegy.” Under the Gum Tree, October 2018, (114-121).
• “Economics of Loss.” Hippocampus Magazine, 1 October 2017.
• “A Backpack in the River.” Bird’s Thumb, vol. 3, no. 2, 2016.

National Publications: Craft/Book Review
• “A Playful Conglomeration of Experiments.” NewPages Blog, 30 October 2020. {Review of Patrick Madden’s Disparates}
• “A Review of James M. Chesbro’s A Lion in the Snow.” Brevity, 22 March 2019.


Shamae has been a valued reader for Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction since 2019. She also workshops her peers’ and colleagues’ writing regularly. She believes that collaborative thinking is at the heart of great writing and strengthens writing communities.

Citizenship assignments

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