Shelli Spotts


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Teaching Experience

I am passionate about poetry and the personal essay— my writing and teaching frequently focuses on how we create the stories of ourselves, build bridges with the communities around us, use language to communicate effectively, and advocate through language.


experiential learning, embodied rhetoric (Let’s Dance!), visual rhetoric, composition pedagogy, and history/theory of the essay

Selected Publications

  • “On Teams and tribes,” Big Ocean Journal,​ November 2020
  • ​”A Note On Loss,” Big Ocean Journal​, October 2020
  • “On Looking at the Sky,” Big Ocean Journal, September 2020 H
  • “On Pebbles and Pockets and Things Lost in a Drawer,” Big Ocean Journal, August 2020
  • “Lessons For My Children on the Art of Good Citizenship,” Big Ocean Journal​, July 2020
  • “On Being a Boy Mom,” Big Ocean Journal, June 2020


  • Course Design and Development: Collaborate in the creation and development of Dance 317, a dance based advanced writing class using embodied experience.

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