Suzy Bills

Assistant Teaching Professor , Linguistics

4092 JKB

Curriculum Vitae

Research Areas:

Teaching Experience

I believe that students should take the lead in learning and should have many opportunities to apply the course concepts to real-world situations. I give assignments that require students to stretch beyond their current abilities (with my guidance). I also focus on helping students develop critical thinking skills, which can be applied to all disciplines and aspects of life. The majority of class time consists of discussions and exercises, with lectures kept to a minimum.


  •  Editing
  •  Publishing
  • Freelancing
  •  Writing

Selected Publications

  •  The Freelance Editor’s Handbook (University of California Press 2021)
  •  “Making Friends with Your Inner Perfectionist,” coauthored with DeAnna Burghart (ACES: The Society for Editing 2020)
  •  Visions of Heaven: What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me about Eternity (Cedar Fort 2018)


I’ve participated in various formal and informal service opportunities. For example, I advice 1/4 of the students in the editing major/minor, and I regularly meet with students and others who are interested in freelance editing. I have served on multiple department hiring committees and also serve on a scholarship committee. Additionally, I’ve served in various capacities in the Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association, including as president, vice president, and director of education.

Citizenship assignments

  •  Member of hiring committee for department faculty
  •  Member of the Dee Gardner Scholarship committee
  •  President of Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association
  •  Advisor of Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association’s student chapter