Tamara P Thomson


4110B JFSB


Curriculum Vitae

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Teaching Experience

In my fiction class we strive to exemplify the dramatic power that short fiction gives its readers: the short, illuminated moments in a character’s life, the intensity of images around a single space and time, the condensed emotional inheritance of one conversation or a solitary incident. And, by so doing, I hope they will begin the process of creating fiction that provides readers with clarity and vision and elucidation, as well as artistic beauty and psychological honesty.


I am focused on the teaching of creative writing and rhetoric.

Selected Publications

  • “Daryl Prays,” “The Snake River” and “Insomnia.” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. 53.3 Fall 2020, pp. 107-10.
  • “Fibonacci.” The Restored Gospel and Applied Christianity: Student Essays in Honor of President David O. McKay 2018. BYU, 2018.
  • “Making Art’s New Object: A Profile of Paisley Rekdal.” 15 Bytes, Artists of Utah online magazine, 23 Jan. 2018.



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